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Coach Munch is a retired U.S. Navy Command Master Chief with 31years service and a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership, concentrating in coaching and mentoring. Which led him to perform hundreds of coaching hours.  Using his extensive military and coaching experience, and having two very different military  transition outcomes under his belt. He can help you execute your transition fearlessly.

Are you anticipating or going through a big transition in life? Are you anticipating a career change, overwhelmed by a new position;Wanting to upsize or downsize your business. Anticipating an "Empty Nest Syndrome", or retirement? Coach Munch has the expertise to guide you through the process so that you can transition into the new chapter of your life as seamlessly as possible.

Coach Munch  takes your Personal and Team Development very serious. He spent 15 plus years of his Naval career providing team and personal development for up and coming leaders. Then he continued it after leaving the military  It is truly an inner passion of his to see you be the best you can be. He provides a variety of methods to help you succeed at what you do. To discover more about your team or personal development options  click below

Coach Munch is passionate about the health of the Church. And furthering the Kingdom of God.  He wants to help the Church flourish  in good times and not so good times. While working on his bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership he was greatly taken in by Chapter 12 of Romans from verse 1through 21. He finds verse 1 and 2 to be his life verses. And verses 3-8 his Christian mission verses for the church.

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