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In my pursuit of service to you I have worked to advance my certifications as a leadership coach and trainer. First I have received top notched training to be a Certified Christian Leadership Coach (CCLC) from Coach Approach Ministries (CAM).  To receive my certification as a CCLC, I had to demonstrate my ability for coaching others forward in leadership, life, and overall success.  This in-depth Christian coach certification includes self-paced learning, and great coaching from real-time International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coaches. I am receiving continual learning from highly respected leaders in Christian coaching, plus mentoring and one-on-one supervision of actual coaching sessions.  I received my certification as a John Maxwell Team Certified coach trainer and speaker so I could bring to you John Maxwell's leadership coaching and training.    INC. Magazine voted John Maxwell as the #1 leadership and management expert in the world. I have spent hours of learning from the #1 Leadership Guru in the world. I have taken advantage of proven leadership curriculum from John C. Maxwell and his highly qualified mentors with The John Maxwell Team. They are providing me with the very best in leadership skills, tools and resources to pass along to you. 

John Maxwell Team

Mission and Vision

To come together as elite coaches, teachers, speakers and professionals, taking our leadership training, talents and skills and adding value to people all over the world. In doing so, we continue with our desire to do something of significance, as we transform lives and carry out the work of our leader, John C. Maxwell, and continue his legacy, while leaving an impact of our own.

Coach Approach Ministries

Mission and Vision

Since 2005, Coach Approach Ministries have trained thousands of people to use coaching to improve the lives of those they lead, love, and serve.

We express and expand the kingdom of God through coaching. We do this by training Christ followers to use coaching in their churches, businesses, homes, and as professional coaches.

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